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Feature Films written and filmed by Madeline McQueen
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Plot Summary: Three young adults travel round Kent, (UK), hitchhiking for a University project. They get some rides, have some laughs and fun but it doesn't stay that way. Things take a dark turn for Allyson, Leo and Darren.


What would you do for a class project?

Genera: Thriller/Documentary

Length: 80 minutes

Year: 2011

Lead Cast: Allyson (Madeline McQueen), Leo (Alex Jay) and Darren (Lee Edwards).

Synopsis: In 2011, Madeline made The Hitcher's Project which was her first film project and feature film. Madeline first thought of the project in 2009 but instead of the main characters being hitchhiker's, they were dealing with a poltergeist activity. Soon after, Paranormal Activity was released so Madeline scrapped her original idea as she was worried people would have thought that she was copying their concept - paranormal activity caught on home cameras. So, she re-wrote the film and changed the characters to Hitchhikers. 

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