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I started off acting for fun years ago when I was a child. I started acting professionally when I attended college in 2006 and have been in feature films, music videos, performed in theaters, danced and taught Salsa dancing.

I always loved the theater, to act and dance. I remember clearly my very first appearance on a stage which was a Christmas play at the very young age of 4 years old when I played the virgin Mary. Ever since I was on that stage, I have been "hooked to acting for life". Over the years I carried on with school plays until I left junior school and a few times in senior school in my drama class. I started salsa dancing in 2006  and have now moved on to teaching Salsa. I also turned to my other passion which was photography and used to run my own photography business (Madeline McQueen photography) until I had to give it up. I couldn't keep up with photography, acting, dancing, work and everything else that was going on in my life so one of them had to go. I just couldn't give up acting or dancing, so the photography got the short end of the straw. I also dabbled in modeling. 

Even though I enjoyed to act and dance, my peers used to tell me I never had the looks, talent or confidence to become what I really wanted to be. When I was about to leave senior school I didn't know what I wanted to do. I didn't know whether or not to go to college, strait to work or even the career I wanted to peruse. I Confided in my mother one night about my feelings and doubts. It was her who said if I really wanted to act then I should go for my dreams and forget what anyone else says. Because of that I took her advise and went back into acting and decided to audition for a Theater arts college.

I am still stunned and over the moon that I was one of 15 people who was accepted into Rose Bruford college (From 2006 - 2008).  I very much miss even now and thoroughly enjoyed my days at Rose Bruford college. I still miss my colleges and teachers (David Hunt, Tony James and Lucy Harrison).


All that has lead me to working in feature films, music videos and Theaters among other things. I also write and create my own films, T.V shows, Documentaries and more. I have created my own amateur film company called Ray productions Entertainment to help show my abilities. I simply can't get enough.

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