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Not going well with auditions this week :-(

Updated: May 31, 2020

Well, this week hasn’t been very successful for me at all, it’s just been one bad news after another with auditions and jobs. This happens all the time and I'm used to it by now so I don't usually get so bothered let alone talk about it, but it's been rougher lately.

First I found that an audition I applied for I lost to three girls. I’m used to that but what is annoying me is the two new girls. One girl was very attractive and could act, she does suit the role very well, so not surprised she got it, I bet she’ll do great, well done to her and I hope she does well.

Thing is the other two whom got the other roles are complete "newbies", they said they are new to the acting business, one barely has any experience and the other doesn’t have that much more. You could kind of tell that in the audition as well.

The first girl and myself were doing quite well, we impressed the director, we made him laugh and entertained him when the other two didn’t. Yet the two new ones got the part and I didn’t suit the role but he wouldn’t tell me why. Fair enough, maybe I didn’t, but I’m betting it’s because they are size 6 and that’s why.

That’s what frustrates me, this industry is still very much about looks and not talent. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. I’m not saying I’m brilliant or anything, not at all but if you did better than the other people applying for the same role and you still don’t get it, then something makes you wonder why. This industry is still very much about sex and eye candy, more so than skills, it's seen often.

After that I landed myself a lead role in a horror film that looks very promising, but the producer messes up a few times and somehow I loose the job and it’s given to someone else. How did I loose it when I did absolutely nothing wrong and it was the producer whom kept making mistakes?

The last thing to happen was I had an embarrassing audition this morning. Things didn’t go well from the start. I have had worse though and as I’ve already said to some; you just have to live, learn and take the experiences away with you. I always try to stay positive about these things but they do get hard sometimes, especially when they all happen at once. But that's how it goes sometimes, one can get it in bullks, not just a bit at a time. You know that age old saying? It never rains but it pours. But I will try and stay positive and solider on. <(^_^)>


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