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  • Madeline McQueen

Dragon Age Inquisition: DLC idea

Updated: May 31, 2020


I had an idea for two DLC's; it's a two part DLC, you have to complete the first DLC to begin the second one. I'll try and just give a rough outline of them (but it's still a bit of a read, so be warned lol) or I'll go writing on for dozens of pages. Also it looks like Bio Ware are trying to leave the Warden, Hawke and most likely the Inquisitor behind now, along with everyone else and start with a new story and new people. I also tried to think of ideas that are touching, emotional and basically a roller coaster of emotions, something we can all enjoy; especially the highs. :-D So I thought of a couple of DLC's that might help let them go and give them all endings we would want them to have so we can let them go, but in a twist even though they are gone they have left something of them behind for us to enjoy in future games even though they aren't around themselves anymore. I thought of this idea a long time before Inquisition came out and when I found out your hero (if survived) goes on a mission to find the cure for the taint, it fitted in perfectly for my idea and gave it routes, because my idea begain very similar to how it is in the game. This DLC can only activiate after completing Inquisition. If you haven't played or completed any of the games this may spoil it for you so be warned, if you don't want to see any spoilers.

Oh and in this blog I have used my personal favorites as examples for some of the romance situations (I'm not completely sure what others would say) but if anyone is interested, if you have favoruite characters you'll most likely know what they would say better than I do. So if you would like to add what you feel they would say (or would want them to say) then please feel free to let me know below.

DLC 1 - Hunt for the cure (demo title)

This begins after you have completed Inquisition and are in the War Room. In there you can see a new quest, once you have activated it a cut scene will begin. Leliana will tell you that the warden was on a mission to find the cure (if your warden survived DA: O if not he / she will be replaced) but has gone missing and her / his other half (if didn't romance anyone then they will also be replaced) would like to speak with you.

You will then meet the wardens partner (or replacement) when you leave the main hall, a cut scene will activate showing him / her entering the front gates. For me this will be Alistair. So using Alistair as an example he will talk to the Inquisitor sounding very alarmed and worried, he will ask to speak with you in private. You can argue, keep asking questions or agree strait away. Arguing or questioning him will make him very frustrated that you are slowing him from finding his love.


If your warden romanced Leliana, she will come and ask you to meet her and the others privately.

If you were not in a relationship the replacement will appear in similar conversation, (minus the being in love with the warden part).

You, Leliana, Josephine, Cullen and the wardens partner (or replacement) will be in a secured room away from anyone who may over hear. Using Alistair again he will show how worried he is for the warden and desperately needs her back. No matter what you say he will get agitated because of how worried he is. At the end of the conversation he will say he is going to make his own way to find her before leaving. He will mention where he heard of her last whereabouts and tell them that is where he is heading, so you know that is also your first clue.

The same thing will happen with Leliana.

You now have to make your way to this new city. There you will see a strange, faceless cloaked figure (who sticks out slightly) talking to this woman. As soon as he / she sees you coming he / she disappears. You will have to talk to the woman to try and get answers from her about that cloaked figure. Lets say she's not a polite individual so no matter how polite you are you won't get much, but far more entertaining to be rude (and lets face it, she deserves it lol ;-) ). She does however have her uses and tells you that a stranger (for me Alistair) just came through there before you, they kind of stuck out from the crowd. When you look for more clues the hooded figure will approach you and say he / she overheard their conversation and wanted to know why you are looking for him / her. You can then explain that you are on an important mission that involves the cure to the taint. The clocked figure will be silent for a moment before showing their face. Depending on your second romance option (if had one, otherwise this will be replaced (and if he survived)) will depend on who this person is. For me it is Anders so this hooded figure will be him. He will say that the Champion (if survived Inquisition, otherwise there will be a replacement) was also on the same quest helping the warden and disappeared along with her / him. Anders can say that the Champion was keeping him up to date on where he / she was but then went quiet. As soon as that happened Anders set off to find out what happened. He can say that he has a theory to where they are but he's not sure, he has to follow some leads he has first. He will give you Hawke's (or replacement's) last a note that was written to him. Anders doesn't quite understand it because it was written in code to keep this mission quiet so no one unwanted can know what is happening. But he has suspicions.


If the Champion died in Inquisition then he can say he was contact by either warden / King Alistair (if he is on the throne or a warden. Alistair will contact because he travelled with the warden and has the blight in him, so he feels it's the least he can do) or Queen Anora (if she rules alone or with Warden). He can say he was contacted because of his relationship with the champion and they feel he is suitable for this task. If the champion died and the Inquisitor lets slip it was your decision to kill Hawke then Anders will loose his temper. If Varric isn't around he may hit or blast you before leaving. Varric will be able to sooth him but not before Anders gives you a warning then storms off. So best to keep that bit quiet.

If not in a relationship the romance replacement will basically have a similar conversation minus the romance attachment. But he / she will be still obviously be concerned about Hawke and the situation.

Then someone in your party will say we have to go back to Skyhold and prepare ourselves and try and get that note seen to by someone at Skyhold, surely someone can crack that code.

When back at Skyhold you will have to head to the War Room. When you get there, if you have one your other half will be waiting outside (if not you can go strait inside). For me this will be Cullen. If you don't have one or you were with Solas, Josephine will be waiting for you. Using Cullen as an example he will


ask if you are still willing to go through with this mission. If you say yes then he will ask you to meet him in your room. After entering your room a cut scene will begin, he will say he doesn't want you going on this quest because the warden and champion (or their replacements) have both gone missing and he thinks this is a suicide mission. Trying to convince him that everything will be okay, he will say he won't leave you to go off and face another unknown danger alone again and this time he is getting involved to stop anything from happening to you. You can ask what he means by that and he will reply saying he has found some leads to the note from Hawke (or his / her replacement) and he is going off ahead to see if he can prevent this from going any further. He will then grab you, give you a long touching kiss on the forehead, obviously looking scared for your well- being and a long hug good bye. He will then walk off.

If you are with Solas, Josephine would have given you a note addressed to you. Josephine can say she recognises the hand writing and thinks it may be from Solas. You will then want to read it in private. You go to your room where a cut scene activates. When you read it Solas' voice can play out reading the letter apologising for disappearing but he still greatly loves and misses you, but he had to leave. He can say he knows what you are planning (especially if you drank from the well) and is keeping an eye on you. He will warn you of the dangers and to be careful, he will suggest you don't go on this mission but knowing you, you most likely will. He can end it saying to be careful, it will break his heart if something happened to you and that he loves you.

Once you have finished talking to your other half (or read your letter), you can now go back to the War Room. Once there either all three could be present or one or two could be missing (Leliana will disappear if she stayed with warden and Josephine or Cullen will leave if stayed with Inquisitor). You can ask where Cullen or Josephine has gone (if they left) and if you are with someone else one of them can mention that your other half stormed off not along ago ahead of you and they thought you should know. If you're not in a relationship then you can get straight down to business. You'll discuss with whoever is in the room with you what you have found and the note given to you seems to lead you to a new city - Nevarra. That is where the Champion said she / he was heading to meet the warden (or their replacements). Now you will have to leave to see if you can pick up their trail.

When you arrive you'll have to look around and see if you can find any clues. At some point you'll bump into a young looking lady. After speaking with her you will find out that the hero, champion (or their replacements) and the people looking for them (including your current partner if you have one) have been taken by her older brother and are about to be used as experiments. You can choose how you'll respond. She'll tell you where they are and you can decide to rush there, strait into the guards (he has a small army of soldiers to help protect him) or follow her where she believes she knows another way in that her brother has kept hidden, even from her.

If you ignore her you and your team will be captured strait away when you arrive.

If you go with her you will end up in a lab / home that has been camouflaged to look like a cave. While searching the cave for clues on how to get in to his fort and what he is planning to do with his hostages, you can find out more about her and her brother. They are both very powerful mages and although they look very young they are actually old enough to be your great grandparents. Magic is keeping them looking young and slowing age but they are not immortal, they just delayed death. They also have had ties with Flemeth. She can tell you of a gruesome history she and her brother have both endured. Her brother's wife and daughter were murdered by the same people who tortured her and she was not able to have children because of them. Her brother is trying to change their past but needs people to test his theory on. They stumbled on secrets left behind by Tevinters ages ago, they locked it away because it was so dangerous even they were scared of what it can do. Now her brother is putting one of their secrets to the test. He wants to change his past and correct it, but not like the option (if you choose it) to back in time earlier in the game, it works slightly different. Also that was an accident and they don't know how it happened exactly so they can't repeat it and all evidence of what happened was taken. When cast the person / people who go back will be thrown back in their past bodies / their past selves, not stay as their future selves but throne back in time. This is more risky because you have to be very strong mentally, and have great will power otherwise you will loose your mind. You will keep all your memories if you're strong enough and will be able to remember everything that happened. A weak willed person will go insane and the consequences can be dire.

When you have all you need it is time to move on. You can now decide one more time whether to stick with her or go off on your own. Sticking with her you'll be able to sneak in and find his prisoners. Leaving her will result in you getting captured not being able to free the prisoners or finding out more information.

After following her you'll find an underground prison with yours and other scouts, including scout Harding and soldiers whom accompanied the hostages there. Asking them questions you'll find out her brother has tried experimenting with them but all have failed. Every time he opened the portal the people who went through would not only not go back in time but when they arrive they would be stripped of their skin; it will somehow tear them from it. He then tried sending things with tougher skin back, which would be darkspawn and it worked; they came back unscathed. He came up with the idea of combining both darkspawn and humans but haven't gone that far yet, he is about to test it out on his hostages (your past romances (or their replacements), warden and champion (or their replacements)).

Now you have let the prisoners go you have to go and try and save the hostages. On your way out she will stop you and ask to let her talk her brother down, she believes she can stop him before he does more harm. If you say no she will attack you and you'll have to kill her (this will course a consequence later), if you say yes she'll thank you and you'll all carry on up.

Getting higher up you'll hear her brother giving a speech and his crowed supporting him. You'll all hide in a space where you are hidden but you can see a stage in the middle of the court outside with your partners or replacements (they're on their knees tied with magical purple rope), champion and warden barely conscious (they are tied up on the wall also with the same magical rope if they're alive). As you are about to get ready to make a move her brother stops and says they have visitors. He waves his hands and you are lifted into the air then slammed down near the stage. It takes your breath away and you can barely move. Your other half or replacement will shout out (but your romance will be a little more concerned for you) for your well-being. You will then be lifted back up and put on the wall as well.

He will go through a few things and fill in the rest of the gaps so you find out the full story of his and his sisters past and why he is doing this. It turns out he is lost and desperate and can't think what else to do. He is actually a good man but believes he has no other choice. You will get a chance to tell him about his sister, if he finds out you killed his sister you will find out how nasty he actually can be, he will loose his temper with you and put you through extra pain. If you tell him she helped you there he wouldn't be surprised because of her kind heart, she doesn't want to see others hurting, he won't be angry with her.

He will then start a ritual that will combine you, warden and Hawke (if alive) into half human half darkspawn. Your romances (if you're with Anders justice can start to take control but he'll supress Justice and warn Anders to "keep that under control") or replacements will cry out for him to stop (your romances will beg for him not to do it) and you can see it pains him to hear this. If his sister is alive she will arrive just in time and talks him out of it, he will stop the ritual and save them. If she is alive but you didn't join her, she will come but too late, you'll be merged but she'll convince him to change you all back. If you killed her he will go ahead with it and you may or may not be changed back depending on how you act next. The darkspawn are brought out and you are merged. You will become disfigured, look grotesque but you and your past characters are all very strong willed to stay sane enough to still act as yourselves. He will have control over you until his sister stops him. If she is dead your romances or replacements will finally get free because this ritual as weakened him and they will tackle him. In doing so you have been released from his control and you'll collapse to the floor.

Your romances will hold and hug you or the replacements will be sitting next to you worried looking over you, they will all talk to you. Both your past characters (if still alive) and your current character will have a touching talk with your romance. The replacements will also have a touching talk with you but not a romantic one of course.

Depending on how you act now you can either let both of them go and he will change you all back to normal and give you all the acient scrolls he found, he'll say he has found the cure to the taint within the scrolls as well.

If you attack him you'll be stuck half darkspawn for a while but he'll drop the scrolls be fleeing and you'll be stuck that way temporarily until those scrolls have been deciphered.

If you killed his sister he will disappear with the scrolls and you don't know if you'll be changed back or not.

You will now all have a conversation together before returning back to Skyhold. This conversation will be the last part that will finish how your story will end. If you were with Solas he wouldn't be tied up but at the end if you have the scrolls a green flash of light will hit the paper and write a short messaeg in his hand writing. If you don't have the scrolls you will still know he was there because when you attacked the man and / or his sister they will attack you back, then a green light will hit them and send them flying. They will then run off. You will look behind you to tall tower where the light came from to see a shadowy figure that looks like Solas standing there before turning and leaving. You know he kept to his word and is watching over you.

You will then either be taken back to Skyhold hidden if you have been transformed or you will proudly come back with people cheering for you all for finding the cure to the taint for the first time. You will be welcomed back as true hero by many.

Now depending on how you acted, your romance options (if had one) and the last conversation you had, these cut scenes will be different. It will show if your human or not and tell a story on how your lives ended up.

For my story for example it will show all my characters are human again and they now have the cure for the taint. In the last conversation the topic about having children will have come up, you can decide if you want any of your characters to have children. I personally will say yes for all three of them.

So for me I'll see my warden and Alistair together showing them putting their daughter in her cot, Alistair kisses their daughter on her cheek then my warden puts her in her cot after kissing her on her forehead. They stand there proud watching her sleep, Alistair holds his Queen in his arms, kissing her neck, both in complete bliss and love with their family.

Then I'd see Anders and Hawke together, Anders lovingly kisses Hawke on her cheek, they have a little boy. They are holding and rocking him, Anders holding Hawke and his son, beaming down on both of them, lovingly holding his little family.

Then it will finish for me seeing my Inquisitor walk out on her balcony, they don't have a child but she is obviously pregnant, very heavily. She stands looking out of her window when Cullen appears behind her, He hugs and rubs her belly smiling, hugging and kissing her. They joins in, they are both obviously very happy and looking forward to the arrival of their new-born.

If your warden was in a romance with Morrigan then you will see your warden, Morrigan and Connor (if you have him) talking, playing, enjoying and spending time together like a family again.

That's the end of the first DLC, for my second one you have to complete this one to start the next one.

DLC 2 - Pure Innocence (demo title)

This starts off as a cut scene in your room. This one will begin depending on how you finished the last DLC. Several years have now passed; it will begin with a different cut scene depending on the scenario. If you were in a male female same species (or elf and human) relationship, you could have had the option to have a child in the last DLC. Everybody would have left Skyhold except your partner (if you had one) but the ones you allowed to stay and was on good terms with regally came back to visit you over the years.

If you did have a child it will start off with you sitting on the sofa, you can see your 5-year-old son playing with your partner, for me this is Cullen (he is a mini version of Cullen, each child are miniature versions of your partner), so I would see them playing sword fighting, and my Inquisitor would sit there smiling, admiring them together when Cullen looks up to the Inquisitor and smiles, obviously so happy and in love with his little family. Their son will then call to Cullen "Daddy Daddy! Watch this!" He will do a move Cullen obviously taught him and Cullen will laugh and reply "That's my boy! Just like I showed you". Their son (Edward (demo name)) will run to you and give you a big hug. One of Cullen's men will rush in saying there is a situation and both you and your partner should come quickly. You both look at each other worried, Cullen picks Edward up and you both rush out.

If you did not have a child but are in a relationship then the cut scene will start off with you sitting on the sofa with your partner, hugging, having a touching conversation, kiss, when one of Cullen's men (a different one from the first scenario) run in telling you there is a situation and you have to come quick. You both look at each other worried before getting up and rushing off following him.

If you are not in a relationship you will start off in your room, sitting on the sofa looking outside at the beautiful scenary. you walk over to the desk, read some papers, look at some books. You read something that made you happy, you smile then laugh before walking out to your balcany. As you lean on the rails when one of Cullen's men (the same one from the second scenario) run in telling you about a situation that you have to come quickly. You look worried then run off following him.

Over the years everyone you let stay with you after completing Inquisition would have stuck around, Edward will know them all as Auntie's and Uncle's.

Running down into the main hall if you bump into Leliana. You will be surprised to see her there since you didn't know she was visiting today. Your son will shout out "Aunty Leliana!" and raise his arms to her.

Leliana - "Hello little one. We need to talk in private urgently."

Cullen's man will offer to take your son and look after him. You will now all head towards the war room and talk in Josephine's old office where another woman now works. If you are with Josephine she will still be in charge and there will be no replacement. Leliana will say that grave acts have been going on lately, for some reason children and some of their mothers all over Ferelden, Oslai and other close areas are going missing. They can't find out who is doing it or where they are going. Leliana is particularly worried because to pull this off on such a large scale and even with all her sources she can't find out whom or what is doing it and where the children are going, it's very disturbing. The person / group are very intelligent, powerful or both to get away with this. No one knows what is happening to the children and fear the worst. Leliana will tell them that she wants to take them to King Alistair's (and / or Queen Anora's or your warden) castle. Leliana can say they are under lockdown protecting their daughter (if they had one) and Hawke (if alive) is on his / her way with his / her partner (if have one) to also protect their son (if they had a child). Whether they have a child or not, if Hawke is alive, he / she will still come to help solve what's going on and them protect as many people as they can.

Leliana may also be hiding her child at the castle if your warden and she had one. Leliana can't be on the Sunburst throne if you want to have a child with her.

You can then walk out to get Edward, when you go out you'll see a small group of Cullen's men unconscious and the one that offered to look after Edward has gagged and bound him, carrying him out while Edward is struggling trying to scream. You'll call out "Cullen!" or "Josephine!" then charge after them. He'll turn, drop Edward then attack you. Since you don't have weapons on you, you'll have to fight him without (you are now controlling your character in the fight). He'll be armed and he'll use his weapons on you. When you weaken him to a certain point a cut scene will show him using a weapon on you, he'll try and stab you, you'll fall to the floor. At this point your partner and Leliana will run up to you just as he is about to stab and try and finish you off. Your partner will ram into him, and continually hit him. You can either stop your partner, let them carry on until he dies or kill him yourself. If he dies you won't be able to question him, if he survives you can question him but he'll end up killing himself by swallowing poison. He may just have given Leliana a clue though.

If you are not in a relationship and / or have a child, the assassin will try and kill Leliana instead. A similar situation will happen, you'll hear Leliana shout when she leaves the room. You'll run towards her to find the assasin caught her off guard and has a blade to her throat; he has obviously underestimated her. He'll warn you not to go near them or he'll kill her. You can now try and talk him out of it, joke around or bluff and say you don't care. Either way Leliana will get loose and start hitting him. You can stop her, let her kill him or kill him yourself. Killing him looses that clue. She will now respond differently to how you handled the assassin.

You are now on your way to Ferelden castle to meet the King and (or) Queen. Once you arrive you will see that a battle has happened, you'll have to fight through a small army to get into the castle. Leliana will say it was absolutely fine when she left. You will now have to fight your way to the castle. Once inside you might see your Warden, Hawke, Alistair, Logain and / or just their men (depending on your character and past choices) fighting alongside your second romance (if you had one), for me this will be Alistair and Anders so I'll use them as an example. You'll then join in the fight, once you defeat the ones inside, because of my past choices I'll now be able to talk to Alistair and Anders. They'll obviously be concerned. Alistair and my warden are married and on the throne together and chose for them to have a child, also my Hawke and Anders are together and also chose for them to have a child, so I'll see Alistair and Anders running towards us. Alistair can tell you that out of nowhere an army attacked taking children and women pregnant or not. Some mothers have been left behind but all pregnant ones are gone. Alistair will say he is worried for Phoebe ((demo name) his daughter) and the warden. When the attack started he told Pheobe to go to her room upstairs. The warden was going to stay down stairs and help fend off the attackers but Alistair convinced her to stay with their daughter in case they got passed him. The warden and her daughter are still upstairs. He'll thank you for helping and stopping anyone else from getting in.

Anders can also tell why he is there; he can say he and Hawke brought their son (if they had one) William (demo name) along with them to join with King Alistair and the warden to help solve and stop what is going on. It wasn't long after they arrived that the attack began. Hawke and her son also followed the Warden and her daughter upstairs.

If your warden is with Morrigan and your warden is the father of Kieran, Morrigan and your son will be upstairs with them. Your warden and Hawke (if alive) will always be upstairs if at least one of them has a child, otherwise they'll be downstairs fighting.

If you were not in a relationship with anyone your Warden and Hawke (if survived) will be fighting alongside whomever is on the throne.

You can talk to them more but then after the conversation is done Leliana will say she's going upstairs to check on the children and let them know we have fought off the invaders. She'll be gone a short while when she comes running back shouting. For me she'll shout "Inquisitor! Come quickly! It's the children! They're gone!" And run back out. My Inquisitor, Alistair and Anders will look at each other in horror and run off after her with Inquisitor following.

Hawke will be found unconscious on the floor and the children and the Warden missing. There are a few bodies lying dead in and around the room. Hakwe's partner will run to her / him to see if Hawke is okay. Hawke will be dazed but he / she will be able to tell them what happened. Some managed to slip by the others down stairs in all the chaos and found them upstairs. The Warden and Hawke fought them off but they got to the children and were afraid if they attacked they would hurt them. They knocked Hawke unconcious so doesn't know where the children and Warden are or how they got her / him. This will course Yours, Warden's and Hawke's partners (if have any) to start worrying and arguing among themselves. For me this will be Alistair, Anders and Cullen, they will bicker and argue about what has just happened and what to do next, Alistair will shout about how his daughter and partner are both gone, he has to go find them, Anders and Cullen are worrying about their sons going missing and Hawke and you could also be in danger, what if they come back for you? You can join in the argument or try and calm it down. Hawke is starting to come around a bit more and will try and talk sense into the conversation. Leliana will state that it is useless to stand here bickering and they should start working together now to work on how to get the children and Warden back.

You will suggest going back to Skyhold, it is safer than their castle right now. They will all agree and head to Skyhold, it is time to get in contact with some old friends. One by one Leliana will get all the old gang back together again if you left them on good terms. It wouldn't have been hard seeing as you kept in contact and they visited you over the years anyway. You will be sent on leads chasing people down getting closer and closer to who done it and getting your old companions back. If you have a child yourself your partner will be doing his / her own work trying to make sure your son isn't also taken. Along the way you'll have heart felt conversations with your old friends and partners about the "good old days" and the situation that's going on. If you have a partner you can try and console each other. If not there are still plenty of heart felt conversations you can have with everyone about what's going on.

You now have a lead so you call a meeting with everyone about the next move to your plan. Leliana can tell you all that a couple of her spies stumbled across this prison out in nowhere and they knew for a fact that a prison or any building or society in that fact ever used to be there. It is an abandoned place but a place they have crossed before. So they were passing and heard this strange loud sound, when they got closer that's when they saw this enormous prison, it looked like a city could fit inside. As they got closer they realised that sound was the sound of hundreds of children and babies crying. The spies sent a message bird back but they haven't come back yet, Lelianna fears the worst. She'll start asking why it has never been seen before and remember the clue the assassin gave her (if you let him live), she'll then figure out it must be different spells and possibly traps hiding this place and her scouts stumbled on the weak point, that's how they found it. Because she remembered this she'll tell some other scouts to check it out and what to look out for. This will save their lives and time. If you didn't let the assassin live then she'll send more scouts out blind in hope they'll find something on this mystery place instead, which will course them to loose their lives and take them longer.

If you let the assassin live she will eventually get word back that it is as she thought, it is surrounded by spells, a few different ones; there's one to camouflage it, make is like a mirage, it's clocked and has been sound proofed. There are also traps such as man wholes, bear traps, nets, small hand bombs and they believe more but haven't been able to have enough time to find everything yet. But they have found the chink, there is a small blind spot where if you go through it like Leliana's previous scouts all the spells are no longer useful, they don't affect you when you get a certain distance away, but you do still have to be careful of the traps. There is one small blind spot they found which is where the scouts must have accidently stumbled through, this is the only place where you can enter.

Once you receive the latest news you will now have to go there accompanied not just by your party and Leliana, but if you and / or your previous characters had children, your partner(s) will want to join to help get their children back as well.

When you arrive you see it really is a waste land and you now know why barely anyone ever comes here. As you follow the map to the blind spot, you will have to walk through precisely where the spot is, when you do you will find it no longer looks like a waste land, it's like a forest hidden inside an invisible bubble or behind a mirror, it looks like you walked into a completely different place. You can now hear that strange sound, at this distance it sounds alien. In my scenario my Inquisitor asks what that sound is and Cullen will reply with "children", then Alistair will say "Lets go" and march off.

You will now have to dodge traps and fight through guards and Mabaries. When you reach the prison and fought off all the guards you'll see a massive, thick, steal strong door to go through. It is also clearly protected with magic. Just as you are all talking about how to get in, you hear someone shouting above you. You look up to see a woman standing by a tall wide window holding all your children (if you don't have any children with any of your characters then he'll be holding a baby instead) and say "I'd be careful if I were you. You wouldn't want anything bad to happen to these precious children would you?" Seeing this woman holding your children or holding a baby, you all shout to her, some with angry warnings warning her that she better be careful in what she does, and others telling her not to do anything drastic. If your warden is alive she'll then grab him / her and taunt how him / her in front of them. Your warden will be tied, gagged and helpless. If your Warden's partner is present he / she will become more distress, for me this will be Alistair, he be shouting even more to let her go or she'll pay if anything happens to the warden and (or) their daughter.

She'll smirk and walk off, you'll try and smash your way in with no luck, you'll then hear the children or baby and your warden (if there) scream. This will put you all in a panic and rage. For me I would see Alistair scream "NO!" charge forward and try and bash down the door, Justice takes over Anders and he'll join in on trying to smash it down then Cullen and Hawke will also shout and charge in followed by your Inquisitor and Leliana. With the new found force of you all, the door weakens and finally breaks open.

You rush in to find it deserted, you'll now have to fight your way through to that woman you just saw. While making your way there you'll see cell upon cell of children, pregnant women and mothers. There is also a hospital wing where the sick and women go to give birth. There are a couple of women bodies that died throw childbirth and some smaller bodies which looks like children. You'll hear children frightened, some whimpering, some crying and others begging to have them released. The doors will not be opened without the key. Some of the children also look odd, strange - odd coloured skin and eyes, loosing hair, warts, bumps and lumps. Something is clearly wrong with them.

Alistair, Anders and Cullen.jpg

When you finally reach this woman, she of course has guards (some are smaller unrecognizable beings) and your children (or the baby) and the Warden (if alive) with her, so now you'll need to be careful so she doesn't harm anyone. Talking to her you can find out she is trying to create an army of demi Gods / super humans. She succeeded with adult experiments but they were always out of control, they wouldn't listen to her commands. When she tried with children they did obey to commands but their survival rates weren't as high as the adult ones. She is now kidnapping women (pregnant or not) and experimenting on fetuses, new-borns or waiting for some to grow stronger and try when they're a little older. Here you realise these small beings are actually transformed children. She plans on making her own army of super humans and gradually take the world. At some point she will say she wants to change your children (if you have any) into part of her army and she believes your Hawke and Warden will make great breeding mothers (if they are female) and would want to keep breeding them like cattle to create strong healthy children who could make perfect soldiers for her in future. If your Inquisitor is female she will also say she wants your current character to be used as well. Of course your partners and / or party won't stand for this and makes that clear. She will then signal her soliders to grab your Hawke and Inqiusitor when your romances shout out and of course will not just let that happen. For me Cullen will shout "You'll have to get through me first!" and Anders might say "over my dead body!"

If your character(s) are male she will still want you to be the first subject(s) of a new control device she is working on. She believes you will be a very strong, successful super soldier; one of her best and with this new mind control device / spell she is working on, you would be her general and mightiest warrior ever to walk the earth. You obviously decline this but that still won't stop her from trying to force it on you anyway.

You'll have to fight your way through her guards. Once you finish the fight she will panic and be surprised that you actually got through all her defences. She'll try threatening your children (or the baby) again but this time if you have children your partner(s) of your Warden and Hawke will charge towards her deflecting all her attacks. One of them (your Inquisitor's partner, if not Hawke's or then Warden's partner) will pin her to the wall behind her by her throat making her release her hostage(s). For me this will be Cullen, he says a few words to her then finishes it. Her body will slowly slump to the floor.

If you do not have any children with any character then your Inquisitor will be the one charging to her to save the baby. You will then be the one to end it.

Now it is done if you have partner(s) and children you will all hug and kiss each other thankful to be together again, having touching talks, holding your children and partners.

If you, one or two characters have children then they will be doing the same but if none of your characters have children you'll hold the baby in your arms glad you stopped the monstrous acts.

If you are in relationships but just don't have children, you'll all be looking at the baby also glad you stopped what could have happened but also have touching conversations and hold each other, full of relief.

Now you'll all work on getting out the prisoners and curing what's started to happen to some of them.

You are now all back at Skyhold, you're having your last talk with everyone, friends, if around also Hawke, Warden, their partners and saying your good byes. When everyone eventually leaves you can go back to finally finish a well-deserved personal relaxing time with your Inquisitor's partner and child. You'll walk the castle grounds together watching your child, talking to your partner and enjoying life again.

If you don't have a partner or child you will still have a good time relaxing walking the castle grounds.

This ending will differ depending on if you drank from the well earlier in the main Inquisition game. If you did Solas will show up, if you had a good relationship with him you will be happy to see him and go to great him with open arms when he stops you. He will say he wished you didn't drink from the well and he warned you not to. He will sound unhappy about this.

If you were on bad terms he will say it slightly differently and not really care with what he is about to do.

If you were in a relationship with him he will sound torn.

He will tell you that you have a part of him he now needs back, that the well is much more than you know. He may apologize and say you have to leave with him, he will control you if you refuse to leave. If you have a partner and / or child, they will beg you not to go and your son will be confused in why you are walking out. Walking off you will see a tear run down your Inquisitor's face. If there is a chance your Inquisitor can be saved that will have to happen in another DLC or in the 4th game...

If you didn't drink from the well you are not in a relationship, you will end with walking around the castle grounds, enjoying a stroll, thinking about happy past memories.

If you are in a relationship and / or have a child, you will end with you enjoying a nice walk around the castle grounds with your partner and / or child talking and playing together, back to being a happy family.

If you read this then thank you for taking your time out to read my ideas, I really appreciate it. :-) If you have anything to add you think might improve it then please feel free to comment.

Thanks again!


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