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Home Improvement Project

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

We've just moved into a new house and I thought I'd turn the cellar into my own personal project. I'm planning on turning it into a games room/studio. See how that goes.

I'll add updates as I go along.

I've also been vlogging my progress so it can also be watched.

Part 1-

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

First Day

This is what the room looks like at the moment. After we clear the room out, I'm planning on breaking up the workbench and painting the walls.


Spent a couple of days clearing the room out and cleaned it, then broke the workbench apart. I smashed up the workbench (only had a normal hammer, so it took some elbow grease to break it up), and carried the top of the bench up stairs (with a little help of course). That's the hard part done, now to clear the room again and get to decorating.


I cleared the room out and tidied it up again.

Next step is to fill in that gap in the floor with more wooden tiles and paint the walls.


Well, things didn't go quite to plan. I started stripping the old paint off as I noticed it was peeling. However, some of the wall came off with it. I don't know if they just didn't use plaster or the steamer strips plaster off, but either way, I'm going to continue stripping this wall before deciding what to do next.


I started on the painting and nearly finished this wall. However, it's been a while since I've decorated and forgot how messy it can be. 🤦‍♀️

Yyyeeaah. I soon learned to calm down on the strokes and not be too hard or fast so the paint splatter wouldn't go everywhere... Well, as much anyway. 😂


I painted the wall but there were some holes and cracks scattered over it. I didn't think they were that bad so I was going to leave them but then I thought I should fill them in anyway.

I filled those in and went over the wall with a second coating of paint after putting some damp proof paint on.


I've now gone over the walls with damp SEAL proof paint as it smelled damp in there.

I do plan on painting over the radiator and pipes. I don't think the red colour will match the room's theme.

I left the paint to dry over a day and went over with a second coat of paint.

It looks like I'll need some wood paint to paint the door.


I've painted all the doors, the radiator and pipes with a couple of coats of black paint. I also brought in a dehumidifier to soak up some of the moisture in the air.

I've also painted the bottom of the floor that was red to black.


I've started sticking the tiles up. I've done one wall and found out that I need to paint the wood around the door black as well. It sticks out too much as it is now.


I've tiled nearly all the walls now. I have to leave parts untiled until the electrician comes down and install plug sockets.

There's also a small section of the room I struggle with as I can't fit the boards there correctly. I filled it with underlay, just need someone who knows what they're doing to cut and lay the wood tiles.


A friend of mine kindly offered, came round and sorted that strip of flooring for me.

That's been put in and the electrician has also been round and installed plug sockets and replaced the old ones. He's also replaced the old light with LED studio lights.

Room is now fully tiled. It's a mess with all the bits still inside, but when that's cleared out, it'll look better.

It should also look better when it's not being used as a spare room to dump whatever inside, lol.

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