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  • Madeline McQueen

Pokémon Go Suggestions and Thoughts #2

Updated: Feb 23

So, I've gotten back into Pokémon Go yet again (I just can't keep away!). I've noticed that over the years, there has been some great updates and improvements. While playing it, I kept thinking, "it would be good if this was added," or "that would be handy and help out if I could use this," or "now that would be wikid!" So, I thought I'd just put my own thoughts and ideas down.

Pokédex Index

Just a little idea here. This happened for me earlier today actually and a couple of times the past week. I was looking through the pokédex for particular pokémon but I kept missing them. I eventually found them but it made me want an index. I think it would help if we could find pokémon by name or type. We have that option in our pokémon list where you want to see everyone you've caught. On the CP button, a list comes up and we can choose how we want to view/find our own pokémon that we have with us.

I think it would make things easier and quicker if this or something similar was added to the pokédex as well.

Are they rare?

I don't know about anyone else, but I'd love to know if the Pokemon I just caught is a rare and how rare they are - rare, very rare, super rare. Maybe this could be added somewhere on the info screen on the pokédex and on the pokémon itself when you click on your own that you're carrying with you.


We can use the pokédex anytime when we're not in battle or catching pokémon, however, whilst catching pokémon I think it would be a benefit to use it then also. If there was a little pokédex symbol that we can press when we come across a wild pokémon, it can come up showing us the information about it before trying to catch it. There's been a few times where I've seen one and wondered "what does this evolve into?", "have I caught this one before?", etc. When I'm low on pokéballs and have to be picky on who I can catch, it's handy to know, and there's so many out there, it's hard to remember the details on all of them. If I were able to pull the pokédex up during an encounter rather than having to press the "run" symbol, checking the pokédex, scrolling down pages and hundreds of other Pokémon trying to find the one I'm looking for, then I hope it hasn't disappeared by the time I'm done and get back to it. In the Anime for example, when Ash wanted information when he encountered a wild pokémon, he pulled his pokédex out and got the information he wanted before trying to catch said pokémon. I just think it would be neat if we could do something similar. 🙂

Pokémon Deposit Box/Bank

This is for all the organised people like me out there, but it's also one of my favourite suggestions. Years ago in Pokémon X and Y's edition that's also now in the newer game, Pokémon Sword and Shield, when we caught pokémon, we were allowed to carry 6 but the rest had to be put into a pokémon Bank/Deposit Box.

Now, I really liked this feature. Instead of having all pokémon just on one page, we were able to have several pages (I don't remember the exact number now, but I think maybe at least a dozen pages should be okay 😉) where we could categorise pokémon. So, if you wanted to have a page just for fire pokémon, you could have a page just for fire types, then another for water, electric, earth, dark, and so on and so forth. We could also name the pages accordingly. Or, if you don't want to organise them that way, you could have a page on dragon pokémon, dogs, cats, rodents, birds, or even rock, bugs, sea, favourite pokémon, etc, you name it. However we want to organise them, we could do it. If I'm remembering correctly, we could also change the background wallpaper of each page/box, which I think is also a great little add-on.

Anyway, I only have those two suggestions but I think personally that they would definitely add nicely to the game. 🤗

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