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Short Films written and filmed by Madeline McQueen
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Plot Summary: John Jenkins and his wife, Sarah Jenkins, are meeting the Landlord, Nathan Edwards to view his house. They immediately fall in love with the beauty of the house. However, it doesn't take long for Sarah to begin feeling that something is rather off, that its beauty may be masking something that's not so captivating.


As John and Sarah view the house, she thinks she can sense something about it, something sinister. And she's not wrong.


With a house full of trapped, restless spirits, including the previous owner - Late Mrs. Edwards (Debra Hensman), they have one agenda - to keep Sarah and John away for their own good.


Sarah and John can live their dream of a happy marriage and begin a family. All they have to do is Don't Move In.

Genera: Horror

Length: 10 minutes

Year: 2019

Lead Cast: John Jenkins (Robert Dye), Sarah Jenkins (Kelsey Parker), Nathan Edwards (Peter Frost).

Synopsis: Don't Move In is Madeline's first short film and second film project. It was originally written in 2014 as a feature film then re-written and made into a short film in 2019, as a feature film on this scale wasn't possible to film for financial reasons. 

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