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Anuanna: The Karda Jewel - parts 1 & 2

December 21, 2017

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My unexplainable experiences

August 25, 2015

As a child, around 4 or 5, we lived in a small, old house in Kent, UK. Everything was more or less normal apart from when there would be the odd things such as keys, cups, ashtrays, other little bits and bobs would be moved or go missing. My parents used to think it was me, that I lost them after playing with them, when in fact I never even touched them. The worst time for me was when I went to bed, I hated it at night. Some nights I could hear things move around in my bedroom and the loose floorboards that used to creek when walked on used to creek as if someone was in the room with me; it would wake me up at times. This could probably be easily explained but as a child it can be very frightening. I would sometimes feel a pressure at the end of my bed, my blankets and sheets would ruffle when I was asleep but would stop soon after I woke up. At times, if I woke up but pretended to still be asleep, the noises would carry on until I either looked up or moved around. Sometimes even then it would start back up again. My only hope was to just try and full back to sleep. It didn’t help that I had nightmares about being chased, attacked, falling off high places and being stuck, unable to run from my chaser.



When I was 7, my first sibling was born - my younger brother. A couple of years before this we moved out into a bigger house. As far as I remember, things instantly calmed down after we moved out. For years’ things were normal until my brother (who was now about 5 or 6 at the time) and I were sitting watching a T.V program in our shared bedroom before going to bed. He had a rather big, heavy, chunky, yellow truck toy which was sitting in my old blue, dolls rocking cot. I didn’t use it anymore but it was an old childhood toy that I kept in our room. We were sitting on the bottom of our bunk bed when suddenly my cot was thrown over in great force and speed throwing my brothers truck out, which was quite heavy. My brother and I stared at our toys for a moment then we looked at each other not knowing what to do about what just happened. I finally spoke up and said because that was thrown so violently with a heavy truck inside; there is no way wind could have done that. Our window and door was shut, there was no breeze and we stayed in a little box room, we would have felt the wind because it would have needed to be powerful, nothing happened that could have even rocked it. I didn’t feel frightened but I wanted to go down stairs and tell my parents anyway. I ran out of my bedroom, my brother following me, we ran down stairs and told our parents. They thought it was more amusing than anything else, they told us it was nothing bad or harmful so should just go back to our beds and go to sleep seeing as it was late and we had school in the morning. So, we did as we were told but instead of sleeping, my brother and I stayed up talking about it until we fell asleep.



A year or so later our Mum fell pregnant again, our parents decided our house was too cramped as it was so built an extension. While the extension was going on my nightmares came back. My little brother said he experienced some horrible dreams as well but didn’t seem too fazed about it so I left it alone. After the extension was built, things got worse. My Dad worked as a cab driver sometimes working at night. We used to think he came home early at times because we could hear a man walking up and down the kitchen, opening and closing the cupboards and draws. We would go down stairs to find no one there, a couple of times my Mum would ring up my Dad asking if he came home, we could hear him but couldn't find him, he would reply that he hadn’t. They thought we had an intruder a couple of times. This happened for years, it became normal to us. My friends however would get scared if they heard something when they slept over, I would just sleep through it by now. Sometimes we would come down stairs to see all or at least a few of the cupboards and draws open.



When I was 14 my second sibling was born – my youngest brother. Things now started to get even worse. My two younger cousins come over ours for the day and they said they wanted to play hide and seek. They said I had to be “It” and find them. So, they hid and I slowly counted up to 10. When I said “Ready or not here I come,” I turned and started to look for them. I found my oldest brother and cousin first; my youngest brother didn’t play because he was an infant at the time. Now I needed to find my younger cousin before he got back to what we called “Home” to win the game. As I was looking for him I saw an outline of a boy hiding behind a door, he saw me and ran into my Mums room hiding in her walk-in-wardrobe behind her clothes. I shouted “Found you!” while chasing him. I saw him go behind the clothes which made the clothes wrack move. As the clothes were swinging on their hooks, I dived into the clothes after him but I couldn’t see anyone there. I looked all around the wardrobe but there wasn’t a soul in site. Then suddenly his sister (my older cousin) and my brother shouted “Ha! You lose! He made it back to home!” I responded with “What? How? I just chased him in here, there’s no way he would have gotten passed me without me seeing him.” It was a tiny wardrobe, just enough space to fit one person; he would have had to barge passed me to get out. I went to see my youngest cousin back in my bedroom, happy that he won them the game. I told them all what just happened, about the boy I chased thinking he was my cousin. I found out that my younger cousin was actually hiding down stairs when my brother and other cousin where upstairs hiding in the other bedrooms. They no longer wanted to play after that.



A couple of years later my Mum’s friend came around with her three daughters. I played with the middle daughter in my room with my cat while her older and younger sister played in the garden with my brothers. We were on my bed talking, listening to music, reading magazines and so on when we both said we were getting bored. I asked if we should go downstairs and play with her sisters and my brothers. She liked the idea so we stood up, now both standing on top of my bed. We jumped off with a loud thud, the floor shook slightly, we walked off and just as I was reaching out to open the door, we heard a loud, angry, very clear grow coming from under my bed. We all stopped and turned to face my bed, even my cat stopped and looked under. I called for my dog thinking she snuck under there when we weren’t looking as she sometimes did, but she wouldn’t come out from under the bed. This time we heard a quieter but still very clear growl, it still sounded nasty which wasn’t like my dog. I called out her name and said “Stop it.” I told her to come out from underneath but she wouldn’t. I couldn’t understand why she was behaving like this, she was very friendly and sociable. Then we heard barking in the garden. I looked up to my window which was behind my bed, I had to stand on top of my bed to look out the window. As I did I saw my dog playing with my brothers and her sisters. We only had the one dog.



I pointed out that my dog was in the garden so the growling under my bed couldn’t have come from her. My friend wouldn’t come to the window to see but she could easily hear her barking anyway. I think it was because my friend was there but I somehow got the courage to look under my bed, not only that but for some stupid reason I stuck my whole arm and head under there and felt around. I didn’t see or feel a thing. I came out and said there’s nothing under there. We ran down stairs to our Mum’s but as we told them what happened, they didn’t believe us. My friends Mum looked at mine and started to laugh so my Mum joined in. Maybe my Mum just pretended not to believe me because her friend was there. My friend didn’t go back into my room for the rest of the day.



Quite a while after that I was in my kitchen making breakfast when my cat jumped up onto our breakfast bar. She was walking towards me purring. As I was about to stroke her before taking her off, she stopped dead in her tracks and looked behind her suddenly and sharply looking rather alarmed, which stopped me in my tracks watching what she was wrong. She was staring into space before she screamed jumping high in the air before running out of the kitchen as fast as she could. It was as if something hit her, I never heard her scream like that before. I tried to find her but she hid somewhere and didn’t come out for a few hours.



A couple of weeks later I remember after my family and I just had dinner, I went outside to get a little dessert. As I made it and was on my way out of the kitchen I saw my cat, she walked up to me purring, clearly wanted to be stroked. I turned to her and was about to stroke her as I always did, until she suddenly and sharply stopped and looked behind her alarmed like last time. She was looking at the front door so I followed her gaze, the hall light was off so I didn’t see anything but shadows. Out of nowhere a normal AA battery came flying at my cat full speed and quite aggressively. It just missed hitting her back by inches as she ducked down, it then flew close by my foot hitting the back door behind me. The way my house was built was, on one end the living room opened to the front hall way leading to the front door, and on the other end the living room opened up into the kitchen. A wall separated the living room from the kitchen. It makes a round circuit. It took three long strides for me to be in the living room. Within 2 seconds I ran into the living room to see all my family were still in there. My brothers were still with my Mum in the middle of the room watching television and my Dad was at the end of the room. My Mum wouldn’t have done it and she would have been slow, my brothers wouldn’t have made it back in time without me seeing them. My Dad could have made it back but I would have heard him. He was a 6ft2, 20 stone man, to get back without me seeing him he would have had to run and jump back into his chair, I would have heard that clearly. I asked him anyway if he did move, he said he didn’t. I then asked Mum if he actually did go or if my brothers or she came out into the kitchen. They all said they didn’t. I told them what had just happened and what happened to my cat a couple of weeks prior, but there wasn’t really anything they could do about it. Whatever was going on, it didn’t like our cat very much.




In 2008, for my birthday, my mum booked two tickets for my friend and I to stay at a haunted weekend in George Hotel in Norfolk. Close by, we visited a bridge where the story goes, many, many years ago, a travelling circus was going over the bridge and there was a sad accident that derailed the carriages causing them to fall over the bridge. Many of the animals where killed alongside some of the circus folk. Apparently, people have seen human shapes and heard noises that they believe come from animals. While there, we did dousing rods to try and "contact the dead." I was taking pictures as we did so. I managed to pick up some interesting looking ones. Gold/orangy looking lights kept popping up. One looked like a person flying or possibly falling (to their death from the bridge that they replay in the afterlife?) 😱👻

Either way, I thought it was a fun, entertaining night whether it was haunted or not.






Nothing much really happened after that, still heard noises at night - the man walking around. Even getting a priest in to bless the house didn’t really do anything. When I was 21 I saw the little boy again. I was sleeping when I heard a clicking sound, it woke me up. I looked at the end of the bed to see the silhouette of the boy all those years ago that was in my Mums room, which then became my room. I thought I was imagining things because I was half asleep, so I laid back down. The clicking didn’t stop so I sat up right. I looked at him and rubbed my eyes and made shore I was fully awake. When I knew I was wide awake, I looked around me then looked back at the boy, he was facing away from me looking at the wall, I could only see his left side. He had some kind of stick, like a tooth pick or lolly pop stick that he was flicking on his front teeth which made that clicking sound. I assumed it was a stick or it could have been his thumb nail. When he wasn’t leaving, I thought it would be a good idea to talk to him. All I said was “Hello?” Nothing changed so I said hello a couple more times before saying “Who are you?” Still nothing changed so I couldn’t think what else to say but hello again. Then he stopped flicking his teeth. When the room went silent I just thought to myself ‘Oh s**t, what did I do?’ Then very slowly he started to fade away. Part of me wanted to say stop, don’t leave yet, I wanted to see if I could get anything out of him. But the other part of me told me to stay silent because I don’t know what could happen. When he eventually faded away that was the last time I saw him.



Two years later my boyfriend and I found our own home, we moved out and all was going okay, until my boyfriend came home with a wicker chair. Anyone who knows wicker chairs know they are noisy when you sit on them. It was quite large and was placed in our living room. The person who gave it to my partner lost the cushion and we didn’t have a spare one so it was used to hold our jackets and other bits and bobs on it. I used to hear the wicker chair being sat on when no one else was in the room with me. Sometimes the items on the chair would for no reason full off when they have been sitting on there fine for days, weeks on end without moving. That was fine apart from the ones that used to get pushed across the living room.



I told my boyfriend I didn’t like it so he moved it into our son’s room to keep his toys on. I didn’t like that but he didn’t believe me when I said there was something off with it. That’s when our son started having nightmares and saying he can see a black animal walking around and that sometimes it goes into my room. I told my boyfriend and he asked if he should burn the chair, I said don’t burn it just sell or give it away. A few months later the chair was still in my son's room. It was when my my boyfriend found my son’s blow-up chair had been thrown across the room from the top of his wardrobe when no one else was in there, that my boyfriend decided it had to go. The following night he and my youngest brother (whom regularly comes and stays with us) took the chair into the back garden and burned it. Our son rarely wakes up crying because he has nightmares now, it’s a big improvement from when he used to wake up nearly every night.



Every-now-and-then after my oldest brother and I moved out, we would go back and visit our parents. One night my brother and I decided to sleep over, we both stayed in my older brother’s old room. I went to bed about an hour after my brother so by the time I got ready and in bed my brother was in a deep sleep. As I was laying there, I was drifting off to sleep. Just as I was dozing off, I heard a nasty, low, horrible, almost demonic voice coming from my brother’s direction. It didn't sound like my brother’s voice, he was 19 at the time, this was far too deep for him and sounded completely different. My back was facing him, it took a bit of time to pluck up the courage to turn and look at him. Just as I did, my brother abruptly woke up from what looked like a bad dream before falling asleep again.   


The next day was when it became really freaky. He told me he had a nightmare that night and it was of what looked like a male figure chasing him. My brother kept running and running but eventually the figure caught up. When he did, my brother said it took a swift swipe at him cutting open his chest, he said he looked down and saw his chest had been ripped open allowing him to see his own organs. That's when I saw him wake up. We both became unnerved when I told him of the voice I heard as he was having that nightmare.  




I also have a couple of videos to some unexplained voices I've picked up at home.
Video 1

Video 2


If anything else happens, I guess we’ll find out at some point.

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