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Playing Age: 26 - 38                                                                                  Height: ​5ft 8in / 176 cm                                                                         

Sex: Female                                                                                                 Inside Leg: 29 in / 74 cm

Eye Colour: Blue                                                                                        Shoe size: 8 UK

Hair length: Long                                                                                      Dress Size: 14 - 16 UK

Hair Colour: Light / Mid Brown / Dyed Blonde Hair                            Build: Medium

Hair Type: Thick / Wavy                                                                            Body Shape: Hour Glass

Role Type: White Caucasian, British                                                       Tattoos: Yes

Weight: 83 kg / 182 lbs / 13 st                                                                 Piercings: Yes - Ears

Head: 22.8 in / 58 cm                                                                                Voice Character: Mature 

Collar/Neck: 14.6 in / 37 cm                                                                   Voice Quality: Strong

Cup size: DD                                                                                               Native Accent: Southern London

Bust: 23.6 in / 60cm

Under Bust: 42 in / 107 cm

Waist: 46.8 in / 119 cm

Hips: 46 in / 117 cm

Agency: 360 Arts Management                                                               

Professionally Trained: Yes

Studied: Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College &

Screen acting at The Reel Scene.
Spotlight: Yes 

Spotlight Pin Number: 5658-8979-3142

DBS Checked: Yes

Up to date passport: Yes

My Location: Medway & Bexley, Kent, UK 

Willing to travel


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Acting Training:

Workshop with Chris Ryman. April 2020.

Friends In Film Workshop: March 2019. Coached by Janet Urban.

Monkey Toes Productions Workshop: April 2019. Coached by Greg Ellis.  

The Reel Scene course: February - April 2018. Coached by Steve North & Alex Fideslski.

The Reel Scene Workshop: January 2018. Coached by Steve North & Alex Fideslski.

Rose Bruford Theater Arts College: 2006 - 2008. Taught by David Hunt, Tony James, and Lucy Harrison.

With our final grades, we weren't marked with scores such as A - F but remarked on as a whole class and individually. 

Class: Together our class came top, coming first of the other classes. It was very flattering and honored that our tutor's remark was that we were “the best performance of the year.”

Individually: Individually my teachers said they had nothing negative to say, just a couple of improvements such as I had “continually improved” throughout the terms; my main goals was that I needed to work on staying loud, not quieten down in a performance and stay in character if something goes wrong while on stage.

I received high remarks and they said I can only do better with practice and life experience.    

Blackfen School for girls: 1999 - 2001

The Helen O'Grady Children's Drama Academy: 2001

Old Bexley School: 1993 - 1996 &

The Boys and Girls Hall: 1992

Stage fighting training:

Fight Training: Stage Combat - On set personal professional stage fighting tutors in boxing and self-defense. January 2024

I played out and helped choreograph a couple of fight scenes in the film: The Great Ruins of Truth: Battle for Creation - 2014 

We covered a little stage fighting at Rose Bruford College - 2008


Directing and Writing Training:

We covered some areas in directing and writing in Rose Bruford College - 2006 - 2008. Since then I have written and created my own Film projects, T.V shows, series and more.


Salsa Dancing Training:

I first started training in Salsa dancing mainly with Salsa Wild and Salsa CD dance schools from 2006. Teachers - Dave Brandford, Sarah Buckel, Vee & Pete Smith, Rosemary & Peter Tamplin, Rupert & Christina Dianellou, Frank Santos, Natalie Baltao, Rafael Del Busto & César Pacheco.

Salsa Ladies Styling Course: 4 workshops of ladies salsa styling from February - March 2013. Taught by Venera Smith.

Started teaching and choreographing shows in 2012. 

Teachers assistant - 2008 - 2009

Other Dance style Training:

Theatre - Old Bexley School - 1993 - 1996,

Barn Dance - Old Bexley School - 1996

Theatre - St Peter Channel School - 1996 - 1999 &
Waltz, Ballroom & period - Rose Bruford Theater Arts College - 2007

Photography Training: 

I won first place in a photography competition with VistaPrint - 2009.   

Photographer's assistant for freelance photographers and WildFire Arts studio - 2007 - 2009. 

Started photography professionally in 2008 - 2009.

Photography assistant to other freelance photographers - 2007.    

Modelling Experience:

I have also been a model for trainee & freelance photographers - 2007. 


Other Skills:

I have been able to cry on cue.  

First Aid Training:

Done a years course in First Aid and health and safety in 2004 - 2005 (Blackfen school for girls - Blackfen, Kent). Was renewed on 03 / 05 / 2014 - 2017

(First aid course - Chatham, Kent). 



Intermediate level: Salsa (New York and LA styles with Shines and Styling). 

Improver level: Cuban Salsa, Bachata, Merengue & Spanish Rueda.

Beginner + level: Theatre

Beginner level: Zumba

Absolute Beginner level: Walts, Ball room, Tango, Cha Cha, Reggaeton, Period dance & Barn dancing


Improver level: Rounders, Tennis, Badminton, Netball & Cycling. 

Beginner + level: Trampolinist & Horse ridding (was a student at Mount Mascal horse riding school, Bexley, Kent - 2004). 

Beginner level: Dodge ball, Volley ball & Cricket

Absolute Beginner: Boxing, Archery & Ice skating



Beginner level: Piano, Keyboard, Tambourine, Recorder, Sleigh bells, Triangle, Cymbals, Xylophone & Maracas. 


UK Scouse, Street slang, Posh & Southern London (Native)


Acting Styles: 

Improvisation (General), Stanislavski, Meisner techniques, and Method acting.


General computer skills/knowledge, script and novel writing, directing, choreographer and First Aid skills/knowledge. 


Short Films Quarter Finalist in the Raindance Script Competition for the film I wrote: Scarier Movie - 2023

Finalist in a photography competition with Vistaprint - 2009


Entered my film "The Hitchhiker's Project" in a competition with Virgin Media, making it to the finals - 2009 


My interests/hobbies are acting, dancing, script writing, gaming, sports,

spending time / going out with family and friends, animals, reading, hiking,

music & theme parks - rollercoasters. 


British English - Fluent

Native Southern London Accent

Black Background

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