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My Second Year Scare Acting!

Updated: Jun 29

Last year (2023) was my second year scare acting at Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors, and we were told that we did well.

I remained as one of the vampires but instead of a 17th century noble vampire, this time to celebrate our 40th year of being open (and also the longest running scare attraction in Britain), we all followed an 18th century theme.

I was an 18th century circus ring master.

I originally was going to play the 18th century lesbian landlord - Anne Lister, vamp-o-fide.

I had everything ready, costume was done and completed around March time ready for October.

I got a wig that resembled Anne's hair style, however, Anne was a brunette and the wig I got was white which I spray dyed grey to give it a grey with white highlight looks. Anne would have been nearly 300 years old if she was still around, so I think her going grey by then would be forgivable. 😆 I also wanted to give a more dead creepy look.

However, my costume fell apart a little on the first night of performance. Being vampires, our costumes made to look dirty, stained with blood, we got our fangs in and everything else.

Everything was going well.

When I put on my costume however, I found out that I kind of messed up the wig a little. It wouldn't fit under the hat anymore and it was coming apart a bit (too much spray, glue, pinning, brushing and curling just didn't do it favours even though I was trying to be careful). So something had to go.

We were about to perform so I had to quickly decide. I decided to ditch the wig, keep the hat and improvising on the spot I changed my character. I thought I looked like a circus ring master with the long red coat and cane, so I cut a slit in the back of the coat and in seconds became an 18th century circus ringmaster, and it ended up being a great costume.

This year (2024), our vamp village - The Village of the Damned, was nominated by ScareCon for best scene. It was a great team effort, the village came out looking fantastic! Before going into the fort, the guests came through us first. We had many scares, screams and some brave souls come through.

So this October, will you come and see us? Because we can't wait to see you.

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