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  • Madeline McQueen

Dragon Age Inquisition!

Updated: May 31, 2020

Some know that I’m a big game fan and my favorite game company is BioWare because they have created my two most favorite games – First, Dragon Age, and second, Mass Effect.

I have just come out of hibernation after more than a week of playing Dragon Age Inquisition. It was released last month on the 21st November (2014) and I’ve been playing it ever since. I have completed all three games now and I have to admit I’m in love with them! The writers, creators, designers, actors, everyone in the team have done such a brilliant job with it, that it should get the recognition that it deserves.

I thought I’d write this blog about it because it’s something I feel strongly and care about. I recommend this game to anyone, especially those who are like me and like playing adventure games. It has fun, adventure, romance (if you chose to romance anyone) and of course fighting. You can create your own character, looks and gender (that’s another bonus in my books) and you get to choose your species – human, dwarf, elf or qunari (qunari’s only avaible in Dragon Age III). You can also choose to be a worrier, mage or rouge. Also there is a lovely bonus of a choice to have a ‘romance option’, some characters can become your boyfriend or girlfriend and in Dragon Age I there are two characters you can actually marry which is lovely to see . Also as I mentioned the actors are brilliant! You choose what your character can say, what personalty he / she has and make the in game characters love you or hate you. Their so convincing, I can’t hype this game up enough, it’s just too dam good .

Anyway well done to the BioWare team and all their great hard work for their games! It’s given many of us lots of fun and joy! I hope to carry on playing some more of your great work in future. <(*0*)>

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