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Loving the 'Pokemon Go' game App! My ideas, opinions and feedback.

Updated: Jun 29

Like so many others, I have been playing Pokemon Go, and I LOVE it! I love that now I have something to do when I'm out and about and I'm not bored the way I used to be when on my travels. It's also gotten me out a bit more and exercise is always a plus. :-D

I love everything about the game app, but there are a couple of things that I personally think will make the game a lot better.

1. Healing.

After a battle at a gym, the only way to heal my Pokemon is by using potions or revive. This is fine for those who don't fight, but for those who do, it can be frustrating to have to keep going to stops and hope to be given potions or revives. It's great that this app is trying to be as lifelike as possible, so to add to the realism, it would also be realistic to let them 'heal' naturally, seeing as that's what everything does anyway. Depending on how hurt the Pokemon is, would depend on how long it takes to heal.

Also to add one more thought, in the anime, there's always a 'Pokemon Center' around to heal sick and wounded Pokemon. Maybe some Centers could be opened so we could take them there?

2. 'Poke Stops / Centers'

This is a carry on from number 1. As I mentioned above, there are places called 'PokeStops' and I thought if it would be a good idea to also open 'PokeCenters.' At stops, 'Trainers' can collect 'Pokeballs', eggs, potions, revives and raspberries (bait). Well what if all revives and potions can only be collected at centers? This gives more chance to get more Pokeballs, raspberries and eggs. Also just like stops, trainers can collect from centers a certain number of times a day. Centers can be placed near Dr's, pharmacies and hospitals, but they can't be directly on them, only near. After all, we don't want too many people hanging around hospitals and doctors blocking entrances or getting in the way, so maybe placing them down the road?

3. Fighting and leveling.

One of the main things I'm not overly fond of about the app is how trainers have to level the Pokemon up. To do so, trainers have to keep catching the same (or one of the evolved levels of the same Pokemon) to collect 'Candy' and 'Stardust.' Combined, these two can level and evolve Pokemon, each time needing more Stardust. Thousands of Stardust are needed as the Pokemon level gets higher, and if the trainers wants to evolve the Pokemon, they need a lot more candy to do so.

Personally, I would like if trainers also had a second option to level their Pokemon up - to battle their Pokemon to make them stronger. Training Pokemon can be easily done by using similar means as gyms. For example, stops can be used for training Pokemon. When a trainer goes to a gym, they have to battle against the winner to take over that gym. At stops can be the same thing but for training purposes to prepare for a gym battle. Also at stops, there could be a list of trainers who have claimed stops so other trainers can battle against them and possibly choose which trainer they want to fight. All battles can give Pokemon EXP whether they win or loose, but of course winning will give them more.

Pokemon can evolve without fully leveling up by giving them the right amount of candy it's asked for. This could remain for those who just want to evolve their Pokemon without fully leveling them up.

4. Seeing each others characters

I thought it would be a fun idea to see each others characters walking down the street on the maps instead of just our own. This can be turned on or off as some people might not want to be seen. Or, it can be limited to only people on your friends list can see each other's characters on the game.

5. More look varieties

I do very much like how my character looks, for an animated character, she's quite cute. But what I think would be a nice idea is just add a little more looks. At the moment all we can change is skin, hair, eye and clothes colours, everyone looks the same. I just thought it would be a nice little feature to add more hair, body and facial styles, make our characters even more unique.

6. Names

This I found very frustrating when I first started playing. I didn't start straight away, I joined about a week after the game released and couldn't play for a few more days after that because servers were down. But when I tried creating a name, I went through about 20 different ones until I got the name I was allowed. I think letting us add more into our names and making it longer might be good, that way, for those of us who want a particular name and doesn't like having a bunch of random numbers at the end, will feel more satisfied. Luckily for me, even though I couldn't use any of my names, I was able to use my stage name, so I was happy with that.

7. Newer Pokemon

As time goes on and more Pokemon have been caught, I'm wondering if newer Pokemon will be added as well? At the moment, it's only the 150 from the first series, so will newer ones be added and if they do, can trainers catch them whenever or will trainers have to be a certain level? Added to this, trainers max level is 40, so if a whole new load are released, does that also mean trainers max level will increase as well? Will they keep increasing until all Pokemon in all series have been caught and how often (if ever) will each generation of Pokemon be released? Maybe a new generation of Pokemon can be released every six months or so?

Anyway, these are just my thoughts, feelings and questions on the game. Either way, I very much enjoy it so far and think it can carry on doing well and letting more people enjoy their free time, so well done! :-)

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