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  • Madeline McQueen

Real Haunted Stories of a Girl

Updated: Jun 29

I've published my new book! It's a short book of 13 short scary/ghostly/paranormal stories that are all true. 😱👻

These are my encounters I've experienced over the years (hence why it's my mug on the cover 😶). They've always been good stories I like to reminisce with my family. Of course, some experiences stumped us, they just couldn't be explained or were too convenient to be coincidences.

I mentioned in the book that I accidentally caught a couple of disembodied voices on separate occasions, but of course, I couldn't add them in the book, but I can add them here:

Anyway, if you decide to read my book, then a massive thank you, and I hope you enjoy it!

Maybe you'll find our experiences as creepy and spooky as we did. ☠️

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