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My Novel - Anuanna: The Karda Jewel

Updated: Jun 29

I'm very happy to announce that I have written and published my first novel! I'll put the brief about the novel below: Follow Anne Hunter in this fantasy romance. See through Anne’s eyes as she starts her new journey in the magical world of witches, wizards, vampires, werewolves, and more.

Anne is an average woman with an average life in an average job – or so she thought. Until one day, strange, unexplainable events began which made her question her sanity. She finds out she is one of the last of an ancient dying race with special abilities and magical powers – she’s actually a witch. But, she is not alone. After Anne’s gifts began to progress, she was approached by an older stern looking woman, a professor from an academy for the gifted such as Anne. Things haven’t gone smoothly for Anne as she experiences love loss, stumbles into dangerous battles with creatures she thought were only in fairy tales, faces enemies and learns to control her newfound abilities. But not everything is looking dark for Anne, as she meets her two new close friends – Charlotte Williams and Liam Lang, along with some unexpected friendships with Felix Stryker and Spencer Ivin. But the one relationship Anne will cherish more than most, is her new found love, whom she believes to be her true love. As Anne builds a new life for herself at Anuanna, things begin to look up for her, dare she say, even perfect? But will her new life stay a dream or become a nightmare? NOTICE: This book contains mature content. Age is advised from 17+ This book contains adult content such as violence, nudity, sex, and strong language

Back Cover

I'm also happy to announce that Anuanna can be purchased on Amazon and Etsy. They can be found on their sites or click on the "Books" tab on here for the links. I started writing Anuanna when I got the idea in 2015. I was thinking of another film project that maybe I could start but this time, I didn't want to go down the horror / thriller route. So I thought of romances. To be honest with you, true romances bore me, I don't find them that interesting. But I do love a good bit of fantasy. So I decided to do a fantasy romance.

At first, I only had Anne as the main character because I wrote her for myself. When I decided that it will be a romance, that's when I created the character Victor. Originally, Victor was another student that Anne met at the Academy. Victor took an instant like towards her and her too him. But I didn't like the idea of Victor being another student, so I put Victor in Professor Hudge's place (he was the original Magic Defense teacher) and took Professor Hudge out. I liked this new course much better so I stuck with it.

From there, Anuanna began to play out.

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