Hi, & welcome to my website! 

I'm a  professional actress and dancer with a few other skills. I'm also a dance instructor, author and I used to be a photographer. On the side, I have also tried my hand in scriptwriting, directing, and modeling. 

I am interested in roles in film, television, voice over, music videos, adverts, dancing, theatre, immersive theatre, and tutoring work.

I'm always looking to improve and expand on my skills and try new things. I work hard, have a friendly personality, work well with others / in teams, or alone, and I'm easily contactable.    


Please feel free to contact me or my agent if you would like to discuss any acting parts in your project or dance tutor opportunities. 

I hope you enjoy using the site! 



Agency: 360 Arts Management

Agent: Carol Brophy

Address: The Vine Building, Middlesex University, Hendon, London NW4 4JH

Email: info@360arts.co.uk

Website: www.360arts.co.uk

Phone: 07961 025582

Or contact me below:

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